Ep. 21 - Can Christians Battle Rap One Another?

Can Christians battle rap each other, and still glorify Christ? Tune in as CHH artist, FriiStyle Gahspol, and Angel touch on this topic, and go over their preparation for their classic battle.

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Click on the image to listen on iTunes!


What is up! If you are tuning in right now, I would like to welcome you to The Message, with yours truly Angel. This is Episode 21 - Can Christians Battle Rap One Another? In this episode we’re going to do something special to end the year off and I’m actually going to have this be the longest podcast I’ve ever done. Typically my podcasts range from 15-20 minutes but this podcast differs from other episodes because I will be using a Facebook Live call I had with my past opponent and brother in Christ, FriiStyle Gahspol. FriiStyle Gahspol is a talented Christian artist from Connecticut who I had the privilege of competing against back in July. I wanted this episode to highlight the question of how can Christians battle one another, and yet still glorify Christ through it all. It sounds impossible right? Well turns out it definitely can be done and in this Facebook Live call, Frii and I discuss our preparation for the battle, answer questions including how Christians can compete against one another in an arena that typically involves speaking death onto your opponent. I hope you enjoy.


Hey what’s going on! I hope you enjoyed this episode! I wanted to do something special and different to end the year off. I have a lot more things in store for 2019 and I’m excited to switch things up a bit in the coming year. I know you guys would love for me to have guests on the show and I promise we have some special stuff coming your way soon and consider this episode a taste of what’s to come. Make sure to follow FriiStyle Gahspol on social media! His instagram handle is @therealfrii and I will have all his links in the show notes on my website at mynameisangel.com/themessagepodcast. As always, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you tune in. It means more than you know. Remember that you are loved, you are wonderfully and fearfully made, and that the Lord has amazing plans for your life. God bless you, and until next time. This has been The Message, with Angel.

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