Ep. 24 - Christianity Isn't Easy

In this episode, Angel goes through his current season which is his toughest yet. Is the Christian walk always easy? Or can it get harder once you decide to follow Christ?

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Intro (0:07)

What is going on everyone it’s been a while! Welcome to The Message podcast with yours truly Angel. This month’s episode is called “Christianity isn’t Easy.” I feel like a lot of people out, there are under the assumption that God is some genie that can grant your magical wishes and your life is just so perfect. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean I’m a Christian and I let my personal circumstances take away motivation to do what I’ve been called to do, which is why I haven’t released a podcast as you can see, in a while. And for that I apologize, I’ve had a lot going on which put me in a weird space that drained most of my creativity. For those wondering, a lot of it was my job. I don’t work there anymore, but at my previous job I was just incredibly unhappy. I took a job which was a great opportunity at the time, but stayed way longer than I should’ve. Don’t get me wrong, there were many parts of the job that I did enjoy. I loved being able to help the kids find the right school. I loved giving them great life advice, but everything else drained me. I would come daily stressed out. I felt bad for my family because they didn’t get the best of me at home. I would come home with little energy to do anything but take a nap and hit YouTube as an escape for my problems. The problem was, I wasn’t feeling fulfillment. The job was taking away from my creativity, and even my walk with Christ. I’m not there anymore and I’ve spent a while just resetting my mind and focussing on what truly is important. This podcast is one of those that I find truly important. During the time that I wasn’t creating podcasts, I had people email me from my website and even DM me on Instagram telling me how much an old episode helped them through a tough time. I was encouraged, yet at the same time embarrassed. How did I let my personal life stop me from helping others? So folks here we are. Because some of many of you guys need to be aware that this life I have as a Christian, is by no means easy. And with that being said, I also want to let you know that this walk is worth it. I wouldn’t want my life any other way than honoring God.

Where I’m at Now (2:19)

Recently the enemy has been messing with me a ton. And honestly, this may be the toughest season I’ve been in. Tons of uncertainty in my life. I don’t sleep as well as I’d like. I wake up multiples times a night with dreams of things that haven’t even happened, only causing me stress and anxiety. It’s no fun and I don’t wish this on anyone. I honestly haven’t been myself for a while. Shoot I’ve even cried a couple of times. Luckily though, while my life may be going through a trial, God is still there. Just recently while I was feeling down, one of my friends texted me asking me how I’m doing. I was so thankful because I knew for a fact that God sent him at that exact moment. Because the last time he texted me, was also at the exact moment that I needed it. So I spilled everything. How I’ve been feeling and my friend crazy enough, has went through the same exact situations. He reminded me that what I’m going through is happening because God is using the negative circumstances to mold me to be whole. God is amazing. The fact that God felt it was necessary to use my friend to comfort me with the Word, is a blessing that I am so grateful for. So now that I have the revelation from God, I now know how to respond to what I’m going through. I pray I don’t prolong anything so that healing is as fast as it can possibly be. Are any of you surprised by what I’ve just said? Most who know me, know me as the social, happy guy who can’t help but smile. Yet, here I am, having been feeling like absolute crap. But Angel you know God, how did this happen? What we need to remember is that life happens. In life certain situations happen that can bring us down. But God said this life wouldn’t be easy, but He promised to remain with us. 

If we look to The Bible, in Deuteronomy 31:6 it says,

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”

It says right there to be strong and unafraid, because God is with us always. It’s hard remembering this when life doesn’t go as planned. But remember this, that the world we live in today is corrupt. When you are a Christian, waking up means something very different.

We’re at War Daily (4:50)

It’s important to remember that while there is a physical world which we can see, smell, hear, and touch, there is also a spiritual world which we cannot see. And it’s essential to remember this every day since the last thing the enemy wants is for you to be ready for war every morning. And what do I mean by all this? Once you decide you give your life to Christ, everything changes. The enemy who for the most part left you alone throughout life, has now seen a bullseye on your back. You’re now an enemy, of the enemy. Why is that? Well for one, not only are you God’s creation, but you now realize this and want to live for God. You’re dangerous. I’m serious. You’re dangerous because you can help undo so much of the damage the enemy has caused throughout history. Your friend who has been atheist all his life? Your testimony can now plant a seed that can help them grow, into turning back to Christ. You’re feared because the devil’s goal is have as many souls as he can suffering for eternity. Christianity isn’t easy as you can see. The enemy left you alone for the most part because you didn’t know of God, and maybe you didn’t follow him. You weren’t ruining his plans before, but now you can. 

The Fight Only Gets Harder (6:02)

I remember back in 2016 I had the opportunity of getting baptized, and boy was that a fight. I probably mentioned this in a past episode but it bears repeating. The night before I got baptized, the enemy appeared to me in a dream. Taking the form of an attractive female, probably because most of my life I struggled with lust and pornography. Anyways this dream was crazy. The enemy admitted to their existence in my dream, which was crazy because all they want is for you to not believe they exist. Because if you believe demons exist, then there must be a God. Anyways they came to me to make a deal. They promised to leave me alone which at the time meant sleep paralysis, in exchange for me to not go get baptized the next day. The spirit opened a door that lead to a stairwell that led to a desert with 12 people praying. And it said to me, “Are you sure you want to do this? You can still go back.” I woke up right after in shock. They got desperate. Desperate because they’re aware of why I was born in the first place. All my life I remember feeling like I had a huge purpose on this earth. And with my gifts and talents being speaking, and music among more, the enemy understands I can mess up a lot. Nevertheless, I made a stand and went to go get baptized. But the fight didn’t end there. You see right before we were going to walk to the beach to get baptized, I caught a panic attack out of nowhere. You guys, I don’t usually suffer from stuff like this. Only twice in my life have I gotten a panic attack, and this was the first. I got lightheaded, my heart rate went up and I remember clinging to a friend so I wouldn’t pass out and fall. I would then breathe real deep and eventually it subsided. Crazy right? As a Christian, you will go through trials and tribulations but remember this once more, that God is always with us. 

In 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 it says,

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. 9 We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. 10 Through suffering, our bodies continue to share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.”

Stay encouraged always and remember who we are!

Remember Who You Are! (8:23)

Who are you exactly you may ask. Well first off your identity lies in Christ, not this world. I don’t care what your parents may have said to you, or an ex, none of that negativity that has been said to you is true. Yes we are not perfect, but we’re valuable enough that God came down in human form to die for our sins. If you’re listening to this, I want you to know you’re an amazing person. You’re intelligent. You are loved. And most importantly, you are His. Folks when we live in insecurity and fear, it stops us from acting out in faith and doing what God has called us to do. This is why usually we come to God with so much trauma from our past life. Because the enemy tried using it to stop you from thriving in this life, instead wanting you to just survive. Be encouraged that you are not the only one going through things like this, we all do. You do not have to be in this alone. Churches exist to facilitate fellowship amongst Christians, as well as provide a place of worship. Have friends to walk it out with, where they can be a phonemail or a text away should you need them in a tough situation. Remember this too, when you have God in your life, you are never alone.

Prayer (9:31)

As always, I want to close this off with prayer because I believe there is so much power in prayer. Wherever you are, I hope that there is breakthrough. Unless you’re driving of course, if you can bow your head as you hear this, I’d like to pray for you.

Dear heavenly father, Lord I thank you for whoever is tuning in at this moment. Lord I know that coincidences do not exist and whoever is tuning in, is because there is something here for them. Lord I thank you for their life. Lord I thank you because you created them with purpose. Lord they are not on this earth for no reason. You created them to do great things in your name. Father I pray over them at this moment because as human beings, we all go through tough circumstances in life. May you guide them, comfort them, and strengthen them in this moment Lord. Lord I pray for breakthrough in their lives. I pray that if they do not know you, may this by the seed that grows in an intimate relationship with you Father. We thank you because we know your hands are at work. Even though we may not see it, we trust that you have amazing plans for our lives that we couldn’t even imagine. So we thank you, and in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Outro (10:46)

Well you guys, that’s the end of this episode. A lot of this episode was me pouring out what I’ve been going through, with the hopes that my story can help you out in some way. I want to thank you so much for tuning in today, it means more than you know that you took the time out of your day to tune in to the podcast! If you know anyone that may need something from this episode, then it would mean so much if you would share this with them. Please leave a review on iTunes if you enjoyed the podcast! It would truly help me out. And feel free to reach out to me on social media, or through my website, mynameisangel.com with any questions or comments. Till next time folks! This has been The Message, with Angel. God bless you guys.